Structure Unfit for Human Occupancy in Island Park

Following numerous complaints, last week the Mayor Michael McGinty and Village Board took immediate and swift action to secure a home in the Incorporated Village of Island Park that in the words of neighbors, as well as the building Department, was “unfit for human occupancy”. The home both internal and external was in complete disrepair which constituted hazardous conditions to the structure, the residents and the surrounding neighbors. Island Park Mayor Michael McGinty said “this is all part of a continued effort to clean up and revitalize Island Park in keeping with our Renaissance and recovery. The Village will continue to make sure Island Park does whatever is necessary to keep their Village the best place to live, work and raise a family. Island Park Trustee Irene Naudus stated “I am honored to continue to work with my colleagues on the Village Board and together we will work tirelessly to keep Island Park a safe, secure and a pristine Village where I am proud to raise my family.”

The law utilized to keep residents safe and board up the dwelling was the:

NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, “the code”. Chapter 1, Sec. 101

“ Structure Unfit for Human Occupancy – A structure is unfit for human occupancy whenever the structure is unsafe, unlawful, or because of the degree to which the structure is in disrepair or lacks maintenance or the location of the structure constitutes a hazard to the occupants of the structure or to the public.”

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