Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works is under the supervision of the Commissioner of Public Works and Trustee Robert Tice. The Public Works Department is responsible for sanitation, repairing street lights and parking meters, maintaining streets and parking lots, and park maintenance. The Public Works Department is located at 580 Long Beach Road.


Collection Policy

  • All garbage must be placed in garbage cans with secure tops. No plastic bags.
  • All garbage cans must be removed from the curb promptly.
  • No propane tanks, compressed gas or furnaces.
  • Contractors are responsible for removal of all construction debris.
  • If homeowners are doing extensive construction, they must get a dumpster.
  • Dumpsters parked on village streets must have reflectors and be removed promptly.
  • Refrigerators and freezers must have their doors removed.
  • Mattress collection is Monday Only. Mattresses must be wrapped and sealed in a mattress disposal bag.
  • Paint cans, varnish, paint removers, chemicals MUST be taken to Public Works Garage.
  • Carpets and rugs must be rolled and tied in small bundles.
  • Village employees are not permitted on private property.
  • Bulk garbage MUST NOT be put out before 7 P.M.

Yard Waste

  • Limbs must be four (4) feet in length and tied into manageable bundles.
  • Grass cutting and leaves must be bagged.


  • Cans, glass and plastic should be placed in recycling bins.
  • Newspapers should be tied and placed alongside bins.
  • Bins can be picked-up at the Department of Public Works.

Snow Removal

  • Snow must be removed from sidewalks within twelve (12) hour of snowfall.

Garbage Collection

  • Garbage is collected three (3) times a week in both Districts.
  • District 1: Monday, Thursday (includes recycling)
  • District 2: Tuesday, Friday (includes recycling)

Garbage is collected the day after a holiday. Garbage will be collected on the Thursday before a holiday when the holiday occurs on a Friday. If Public Works is closed on the day of your scheduled RECYCLING, it will be picked up the week after.

The Village provides all its residents yearly calendars that include all the above garbage collection information. For more information on garbage collection please call the Village Hall at 516-431-0600.

Village of Island Park Sanitation Map

Additional Services

The Public Works Departments also provides the following services:

  • Repairing street lights (Residents must call Village Office when needed with location of light).
  • Repairing of parking meters once they are reported.
  • Repairing and maintaining the streets and parking lots which includes sweeping and line striping, and in winter, sanding and plowing.
  • Fleet and Building Maintenance.
  • Maintenance of Island Park Beach and Park.
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