IP Chamber Launches #IPCARES: Island Park Stimulus Program

Chamber of Commerce Stimulus Program

The Island Park Chamber of Commerce (IPCC) is awarding approximately $3,000.00 in the form of $50.00 gift certificates and other grants, to IP residents, redeemable at over 25 Island Park Businesses. The IPCC’s Board and Officers created this program to inject funds into the Island Park Community and stimulate business. The program is funded entirely by the IPCC’s treasury and is only possible due to the overwhelming support the IPCC has received over the years from its Members and it’s great Community.

The IPCC will host a Trivia Contest on its Facebook Page. The questions will be posted from June 15 – 19, 2020, with different questions posted each day. In order to participate in the Contest and to win a prize, you MUST reside in Island Park (11558) and “LIKE” the IPCC Facebook Page. A full list of Contest rules will be posted on the IPCC Facebook Page in the next few days.

Thanks & Good luck,
Island Park Chamber of Commerce

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